Better society to live
Don't hurt/harm others.
Those who hurt/harm others are garbages.
Love/enjoy life.
Try to do the things rightly.
[ Do your best and be successful. ]

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Why you kill cockroaches ?!
Isn't it that cockroaches are harmful to you ? The terrorists are far more harmful than cockroaches and bad things should be eliminated. So the terrorists are garbages. Garbages are garbages. Garbages' trait is cunning.

I wonder why the U.S.

government doesn't lead / support the residents in the tornado and hurricane zones to build their houses in concrete material like a pillbox.

Stress affects one's condition

to down and downed condition leads working stamina lower as well as health condition not good. Try not to give stress to others and try not to get the stress also. One of the terrorists' toxics is giving stress.

Bad is paid continually off

good things to good up to it reaches the height. Good may glad on it.

Everyone has sickness

in some degree. In other words everyone is a sort of patient in some degree. Do you agree ?

K1[proposed], the (Milky Way) Galaxy
Getting through..
“Jingle bells”
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A beautiful city, Vancouver, in rioting

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U.S. Government should
disclose the fact regarding
the extraterrestrials.

It is very exciting news if the extraterrestrials have been on Earth, isn't it ? Are they enimies ? Have they been attacked human beings except in self-defence ?

Have the Government (Public workers) trying to seek some deals with them ? Think human.

I think the extraterrestrials are friends though their shape is somewhat different with human. They are almost human being in shape, furthermore they traveled from far, far space for long, long time in instant thinking.

The government should be honest in this matter. They may open the Universe to human being.

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